Congress, Fight for Medicare For All!

The Senate has now released their terrifying version of the AHCA. It’s cruel and it’s dangerous -- Republicans want to slash Medicaid and leave 51 million Americans without access to healthcare.The leadership in the House and the Senate are both playing games with Americans’ lives -- they are holding firm in their commitment to protecting corporate profits over the health of our citizens. Now is the time to push and push hard for Medicare for All. Two-thirds of Americans support a single payer system, including 40% of Trump voters. America is ready for single payer. Democrats must show leadership in the face of the failed Republican bills and fight for Medicare for All NOW.

With a united front, Democrats can pressure their Republican colleagues to abandon their vicious legislation. If Congress won't pass legislation supported by the majority of Americans, we will repeal and replace them.

The Petition

House Democrats failed to stop the AHCA. And so far, the Democratic Leadership refuses to offer real, meaningful solutions to the problems Americans face under Obamacare, which still left 21 million Americans without access to healthcare. We, the People, want you to do more. We want the Democratic Party to throw their support behind Rep. Conyers’ bill HR 676 for Medicare for All, a policy that is broadly popular among the American people.

This bill is in the US House and will expand Medicare to every American. Only 72 of the 193 House Democrats, and unsurprisingly, zero Republicans, supported this bill before Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats started this petition calling for the rest of the incumbent Democrats in the House to take action. Now 40 more House Democrats have signed on to support it, but it’s not enough. Join Brand New Congress, National Nurses United, and Justice Democrats by adding your name below to demand the other 81 House Democrats sign on as co-sponsors for HR676 or face a primary challenge in 2018.

Let’s finally start living like citizens of the richest nation in the history of the world. Add your name below to demand that House Democrats cosponsor HR 676 and pledge to fight for Medicare for All.

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